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HDF Flooring

Our HDF flooring is made from wood fiber that is extracted from chips and wood waste and is composed of four different layers that include balancing, HDF, decorative paper, and overlay. This elegant floor which is easy to maintain and easy to install, protects against micro scratches and is an anti-bacterial coating. Our elegant and high quality floors are made in Germany from the best materials with a natural look and feel and are found in a variety of designs.

To make it easier for you, Premier brings different accessories for the HDF Flooring to be taken care of, such as the spray mop kit which is used for cleaning the floors without causing any damage, the wall boards, the stair nose, the end craps, as well as the concave line and the quarter rounds and which serve in completing the installation process of the floor type. 


With its efforts to always bring the best and the newest products for its customers, Premier is now considered the only exclusive agent in Egypt for the German brand Moderna Laminate Flooring and Staircase. Moderna Laminate is part of BHK Group which is an old family owned company that was founded in Germany in 1971. BHK is now found in different countries around the world and we helped in bringing it to Egypt through their Moderna Laminate Flooring and Staircase.







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