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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is made up of six different layers that include backing, stabilization layer, texture, printed pattern, wear layer, and surface coating and these different layers make it suitable for those homes and places that witness a lot of movement with great number of people.

Vinyl flooring means getting something that will look like the real wood but will not require much maintenance and something which you could apply in bathrooms and kitchens or any other place with occasional spills.

There are different types and styles to choose from when it comes to the Vinyl flooring, such as the mosaic, wood, plain, tile, or stone.


Among the different benefits related to the Vinyl flooring, such as being durable, affordable, and easy to repair, there is also the Vinyl Click System which is easy to apply in the areas that are hard to reach; even the name comes from clicking it without having to use any tools.


Premier offers different flexible designs which are safe to be used in residential, institutional, and commercial places.

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